When: Thursday, August 1st – 9:00 AM

Where: StFX Room TBD

What: Cribbage is a traditional card game for two to four players. It requires intelligence, elegance and luck. All you need for play is a 52 deck of poker cards and a cribbage point for score keeping

  • The provisions of the Laws of Cribbage will apply.
  • Paris will consist of – 2 males, 2 females or 1 male / 1 female.
  • No “muggings” are allowed. (Players get whatever they have.)
  • Opposition agrees with your score before you peg.
  • Tournament play will be a double round robin
  • The scoring system will be based on wins plus losses with one point for a win and zero points for a loss. Should there be a tie; a winner is declared based on total points scored by those tied in all games played. If a tie still exists, go to “who beat who” in the round robin (amongst those tied).
  • No game may be conceded.
  • All pairs must have the same partners throughout the competition.