8-Ball Pool

When: Thursday, August 1st – 10:00 AM

Where: Dooly’s

What: A pocket billiard game with 16 balls and two people competing against one another. Players must sink either the low numbers also known as solids or the high numbers known as stripes with a single white ball. Once the playter sunk their 7 balls they must now aim to sink the 8-ball for victory. 8-ball pool is a game of intelligence, skill and strong knowledge on angles making it an intense sport.

  • A round robin format will be used. Each match will consist of the best three games (Race to 2). Medals will be presented at the end of the round-robins unless a tie exists for a medalled position.
  • If a two-way tie exists at the end of the round robin, a best of three playoff is to be played. If a three-way tie exists at the end of round-robin play, players will toss coins until one person has the “odd” coin and receives a “bye” in the playoff . The other two players play a best of three playoff, with the winner of this game going on to play a best of three playoff against the player who received the “bye”. The winner of this playoff is the overall winner.
  • 2019 8-Ball Pool Results (PDF)
  • CSGA Rulebook 8-Ball Pool Rules (PDF)